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Curriculum Maps are provided half-termly and can be found for each year group by clicking here.

Homework Tasks Sheets and Spelling Lists are provided half-termly and can be found on the individual class pages. 

Curriculum Maps

Curriculum maps are created half-termly by class teachers to show the learning that will be taking place in the classroom. It outlines the focus skills and knowledge that will be focused upon in each subject across the curriculum. This allows parents and carers to talk to their children specifically about the learning that they have been doing at school. 

We are working on a  set of resources for every subject, for every year group, that will outline the key skills, knowledge and vocabulary that children should gain during each academic year. We hope that these will be useful in supporting parents and giving them an understanding of how their child's learning is progressing in all areas as they move through our school. We are aiming for these to be available by September 2020. 


Homework books are sent home on Thursdays and must be returned to school on Tuesdays. Sometimes the children will mark their homework tasks with the class teacher in order to gain immediate feedback. 

There is always a two-week project option on the homework tasks sheet. Examples of these will be chosen from across the school to be displayed outside Mrs Evans's office in order to celebrate the children's work. 

A 'Family Maths Toolkit' activity is always an option too. A copy of this is available with the homework tasks sheet on the individual class pages. 

Children are also given a maths activity each week. This alternates between an online task (Mathletics) and a written task. 


Spelling tests take place on a Friday and children will mark their spellings with their teachers to gain immediate feedback.

Spellings need to be practised daily and teachers will sometimes complete a mini-quiz to test a random selection from the whole term as we want children to be using their spellings within their writing daily, not only learning them for the test. 

Spelling tasks are set weekly online on Edshed